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Our mission is to assist teachers with career advancement while saving money on graduate degrees and certification programs with accredited universities.




Tamara Evans, Cortez Elementary

“Amazing course with and outstanding professor! Working in a predominantly Spanish speaking community can be challenging if you do not speak the language. Having the opportunity to learn Spanish has fostered a relationship with the students and parents in our school community that cannot be undone. The classes at Touro are taught by experienced educators that understand what it means to be both a student and a full time employee."

Laura Porreca, Fitzgerald ES

“Inspiring lifelong learners requires being one yourself! CTE was exactly what I needed with my busy schedule. I’m forever greatful for the doors opened because of the added education CTE provided me!”

Tyson Russell, Biltmore Continuation HS

“I LOVE CTE! You can’t beat the combination of convenience along with excellent pricing… such a smart way to invest in yourself. CTE has been crucial to me being able to maximize my earning potential, and I am again leaning on them as I move toward the next step in my career.”

Patricia Marruffo, Laura Dearing ES

“I truly enjoy the flexibility of the course. I appreciate the professors’ willingness to give me a bit of extra time to complete my assignments when report cards and other paperwork is due at work. I love the set up of the courses. I am able to listen and watch video and reflect on the information.”

Sonya Badurina, Lawrence Junior High School

“I have taken many on-line courses at both the undergraduate and graduate level, and the CTE program is one of the best experiences I’ve had. My on-line program is user friendly, extremely relevant, and offers the flexibility that I need. The classes have been engaging, and challenging, and I’m looking forward to my other CTE courses!”

Armine Kopalyan, Thiriot ES

“CTE offers online 18 credit program which is wonderful for my busy schedule. The courses are convenient and it allows me to complete assignments on my own time. These courses are a quick way to fulfill the 225 Cu requirements for salary advancement and for license renewal. I would recommend these courses to all the busy teachers out there!!!”

Erin Flynn, Joseph E Thiriot ES

“This is a great way to attain CUs for the salary advancement. I also like the convenience of completing the course work at my speed and in between my busy schedule.”

Daniel Anderson, Triggs ES

“I took classes to help renew my teaching license, the administration was great and the instruction was on point. The professors were great and very helpful with understanding the content. Whenever I had a problem the school was helpful and responsive. Overall a great experience.”

Diana Strickley, Red Rock ES

“I have been able to use methods and strategies to improve my teaching as I progress through the courses, so they have been immediately relevant. The online format has been easy to use, and I like being able to access courses at my convenience. This has been a great choice economically, and the course will pay for itself in less than a year with the salary advancement.”

Teresa A. Dodski, Mojave HS

I loved my CTE experience! I was able to take 3 18-credit courses in 1 school year & advance to the end of the salary schedule in one giant leap. Having payroll deduction made making the payments manageable. The courses and instructors were knowledgeable and competent. I learned alot of valuable tools in the technology course that I still use in my classroom today!

Sheryl Fields, Tom Williams ES

CTE does a wonderful job at providing quality training for recertification and salary advancement.  It is worth the time and money spent.

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M.Ed. Curriculum & Instruction (School Counseling)
M.S. Educational Leadership
M.Ed. Teaching English as a Second Language
M.A. Teaching, Elementary Education
Administrative Leadership Endorsement
Autism Endorsement
Diverse Learners Certificate
Differentiated Instruction Certificate
Technology Certificate