What does CTENOW do?

CTENOW has partnered with 3 (three) accredited universities in order to provide quality, degrees and programs, including recertification at discounted pricing. In other words, with the help of our three outstanding universities, we are able to save teachers a lot of money on their tuition costs.

What is the benefit of going through CTENOW?

CTENOW negotiates on your behalf in order to secure major savings for your educational advancement. Depending on the program, teachers will save from $400 to $9000 on their tuition costs.

Why would the universities want to offer their tuition at cheaper prices? Don’t they want to make more money?

The CTENOW partner universities are willing to offer a discount, and take a cut in profits in order to help the teacher community. We are honored to call them our partners in this important mission: Sierra Nevada College, Nova Southeastern University and Touro Nevada University.

I live outside of Nevada. Am I able to enroll in an online CTENOW program?

Absolutely. Since our University partners are regionally accredited we are able to enroll students from around the nation. All are welcome!

Can I take a discounted master’s degree program through CTENOW and then take my post-master’s programs through CTENOW as well?

Absolutely. This is the plan that most take while moving across the salary schedule. This is most convenient, quick and cost effective plan.

How do I register for the master’s program that I have selected?

It is a very easy process: simply click on “Sign Up Now” and fill out the CTENOW application. Once you have received an email confirmation that your application is complete you must fill out the college application. Click on the program which you have chosen and select the link to the application. Complete and mail the application to the university. DO NOT MAIL THIS APPLICATION TO THE CTENOW OFFICE.

I only need six credits to renew my license. Am I able to only take one or two classes instead of an entire program?

Sure. Simply highlight the ‘Categories’ tab and choose individual courses. From there you can choose the courses you would like to take. Once you have decided, simply click on the Sign Up Now button and fill out the simple application. Each 3-credit course will require a separate sign up with us.

How can I pay for my master’s degree?

CTENOW offers several convenient payment options: We accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover debit/credit cards. Your tuition balance may be paid as outlined on each program description sheet, and in the “Terms and Conditions”. Financial Aid is available for qualifying programs with the university.

Is financial aid available with the university?

Financial aid is available with all of our universities for qualifying master’s programs. Financial aid does not apply for our post-master’s programs, but there are several options for payment available. Find them on the program description pages.

When I signed up for my master’s program, I chose financial aid as my method of payment. How will this work?

It is simple; when you sign up for financial aid, you will contact the university and get the qualifying paperwork in order. Remember to get your financial aid approved well before the start of the first semester or the university may have to delay your start or make other arrangements with you in order to start the program on time.

What is the website address and phone number for the Nevada State Department of Education?

They can assist with endorsement and licensure information.

What are the Nevada Dept of Ed requirements for Administrative licensure/endorsement?

Click here for the Nevada Department of Ed Administration License Requirements PDF file.

How much does the typical professor make for teaching a 3 credit hour online course?

The payment range for teaching a 3 credit hour online course is $1,500 to $3,000, depending on the university/institution and subject matter.


How do I pay off my balance in cash and stop my monthly/bi-weekly payments?

Use the “contact us” button on the CTENOW website and send in your request. We will contact you with a payoff amount.

I would like to know how to receive a receipt for my tax records.

Just login to your account and click the ‘Payments’ tab. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to ‘Print Receipts’ and choose the year you need for your tax records.

I would like to know the balance due on my account.

It’s easy. Just login to your account and click the ‘Payments’ tab to see your account balance.

How do I receive my 1098-T?

In order to receive your 1098-T please complete the IRS W-9S form (Request for Student’s or Borrower’s Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification)
and submit the attached form to accounting@ctenow.com.

Click here to download the fillable PDF.

I need to withdraw from my CTENOW program. What do I need to do?

Simply click on the Contact Us button and send us a message. Click here to contact us now.

What is the mailing address for CTENOW?

4775 S. Durango Drive, Ste 107, Las Vegas, NV, 89147.