Teacher Feedback

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Diana Strickley

Red Rock ES: TESL NV Endorsement

“I have been able to use methods and strategies to improve my teaching as I progress through the courses, so they have been immediately relevant. The online format has been easy to use, and I like being able to access courses at my convenience. This has been a great choice economically, and the course will pay for itself in less than a year with the salary advancement.”

Heather Orozco

Variety School: Diverse Learners

“I have enjoyed being able to work at this class whenever my schedule permits. It has been a great way to earn CUs for salary advancement. The courses have been interesting and the format of the lessons are easy to navigate. I have already recommended CTE to several of my colleagues.”

David Lundgren

Pat Diskin ES: Teaching English as a Second Language

“I decided to enroll in an online TESL Endorsement program offered through the CTE course catalog. After completing two classes, I can definitely say that the program is well worth the time and money. I have been able to do my coursework at times that are convenient to me and work from the comfort of my own home or my favorite coffee shop. I absolutely recommend the CTE program for anyone looking for great tuition and the convenience of taking coursework in a way that fits their personal schedule.”

Maurice Thomas

Keller MS: Certification in Autism

“I was apprehensive of the time commitment necessary to complete this newly acquired program at Touro, but after the first class, I know that I had made the right decision. The professors were very knowledgeable of the content, allowing them to provide instruction in a way that we could relate to. They were also very understanding of our professional lives and assigned work that was truly pertinent to our success in the program. Therefore, wet never had to worry about doing busy work. Overall, this was a great experience! I encourage anyone looking to earn credits towards a degree in autism or simply looking for classes to enhance their profession, to strongly consider this program at Touro.”

Daniel Anderson

Triggs ES: Parental Involvement and Family Engagement

“I took classes to help renew my teaching license, the administration was great and the instruction was on point. The professors were great and very helpful with understanding the content. Whenever I had a problem the school was helpful and responsive. Overall a great experience.”

Erin Flynn

Joseph E Thiriot ES: Differentiated Classroom

“This is a great way to attain CUs for the salary advancement. I also like the convenience of completing the course work at my speed and in between my busy schedule.”

Patricia Marruffo

Laura Dearing ES: Diverse Learners

“I truly enjoy the flexibility of the course. I appreciate the professors’ willingness to give me a bit of extra time to complete my assignments when report cards and other paperwork is due at work. I love the set up of the courses. I am able to listen and watch video and reflect on the information.”

Armine Kopalyan

Thiriot ES: Effective Schools

“CTE offers online 18 credit program which is wonderful for my busy schedule. The courses are convenient and it allows me to complete assignments on my own time. These courses are a quick way to fulfill the 225 Cu requirements for salary advancement and for license renewal. I would recommend these courses to all the busy teachers out there!!!”

Sonya Badurina

Lawrence Junior High School: Effective Classrooms

“I have taken many on-line courses at both the undergraduate and graduate level, and the CTE program is one of the best experiences I’ve had. My on-line program is user friendly, extremely relevant, and offers the flexibility that I need. The classes have been engaging, and challenging, and I’m looking forward to my other CTE courses!”

Tamara Evans

Cortez Elementary: Beginning Spanish

“Amazing course with and outstanding professor! Working in a predominantly Spanish speaking community can be challenging if you do not speak the language. Having the opportunity to learn Spanish has fostered a relationship with the students and parents in our school community that cannot be undone. The classes at Touro are taught by experienced educators that understand what it means to be both a student and a full time employee. Classes are fun and manageable. It’s also great that the CUs are available for professional growth. This is the second program I’ve taken at Touro.”

Trevor DeWitt

Adcock Elementary: Adaptive Physical Education

“I love the Adaptive P.E. program because the class sizes were small, the professors were extremely knowledgeable, and having class on Sundays make it easy for me to separate work as a full-time teacher and as a student.”

Leonel Bustillos

Fay Herron ES: Beginning Spanish-Multicultural Education

“I want to thank CTE because they helped me to enroll at Touro University and take classes to advance in my career. I strongly recommend CTE for all those who want an opportunity of progressing.”

Kristina Bannister

Rancho HS: Diverse Learner Certificate

“My program has been easy to navigate and filled with useful information. The focus of the Diverse Learner Certificate is to provide strategies, lessons and knowledge to help navigate the challenges and barriers that students face. I have found the courses user friendly, and all of the assignments can get completed on flexible timelines. I would recommend Touro’s certificate programs to any educator!”

Blair Dotta

Hollingsworth ES: Master of Administration

“One thing that has been great about the program is the way you earn your grade. Throughout the semester you have different assignments which are worth a different amount of points. By the end of the semester you have to have 90 points to earn an A. This set-up allows flexibility with our busy schedules and allows you to choose the types of assignments you feel most comfortable completing. The professors so far have also been amazing. Although this is an online degree, they make themselves extremely accessible. They express their want for you to be successful and give the ongoing support to make it happen.”

Robert Blood

Chaparral High School: Technological Innovations in Teaching and Learning, Teacher Leadership, Urban Studies/TESL

“I’ve completed two CTE courses. I’m starting my third & planning a fourth. Great way to learn through Professional Development courses and bring fresh ideas to my teaching. The online courses are convenient and the professors are engaging. “

Tyson Russell

Biltmore Continuation HS: Special Education

“I LOVE CTE! You can’t beat the combination of convenience along with excellent pricing… such a smart way to invest in yourself. CTE has been crucial to me being able to maximize my earning potential, and I am again leaning on them as I move toward the next step in my career.”

Phillip Sindlinger

Desert Oasis HS: M.Ed and Gate Certification

“I have saved thousands of dollars by being a member of CTE and I obtained both my M.Ed. and the GATE Certificate with CTE’s financial assistance. CTE really is all about the students/teachers. We learned best practices of education and emotional support of CTE. It’s all about teaching every child in the best possible way. “

Teresa Boucher

Hyde Park MS: Teaching English as a Second Language

“I enjoyed going through CTE for many reasons: cost, meeting teachers from other schools, and knowledgeable instructors who have “been there” to name a few. Registration is easy, as well.”

Fernando D. Agreda

Green Valley HS: Technological Innovations and Learning, Effective Classrooms

“I like CTE because I was able to take classes for furthering my education; and the CTE classes were not disruptive to my schedule, which allowed me to continue coaching.”

Laura Porreca

Fitzgerald ES: TESL

“Inspiring lifelong learners requires being one yourself! CTE was exactly what I needed with my busy schedule. I’m forever greatful for the doors opened because of the added education CTE provided me!”

Shelly Poss

Sandy Searles Miller ES: Instructional Technology for Teaching, High Stakes Testing in a Diverse Classroom

“I would recommend the CTE programs because I was able to complete 18 credits in a summer semester two summers in a row and increase my salary to the next level each year. I took online courses that challenged me and I still use information that I learned from the courses today in my classroom.”

Colette Moorehead

West Prep: Technological Innovations, TESL/Bilingual Education

“Studying online gave me the opportunity to adapt my time to the courses and not vice-versa! I was able to progress at my own pace and enhance learning by receiving support from qualified professors. All that was needed was a computer with multimedia capabilities to access course materials, course requirements and fellow students wherever and whenever I chose!”